Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino, ND
  1. Botanical Medicine

  2. Homeopathy

  3. Clinical Nutrition

  4. Dietary/Lifestyle Counseling

  5. Physical Medicine

  6. Hydrotherapy

  7. Functional Lab Assessments

  8. Thermography


Naturopathic Medicine

The Integrative Health Group

1502 Allen St.,

Springfield, MA  01118



  1. Preventative Medicine

  2. Acute/Chronic Illness

  3. Food Allergies

  4. Women’s Health

  5. Detoxification

  6. Heavy Metal Toxicity

  7. Pediatric Care

  8. Family Medicine

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino, ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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